The force wasn’t only with Twitter on Sunday, it was inside them.

Actor Oscar Isaac who played the sexually ambiguous Poe Dameron in the Star Wars series was tagged in a number of videos of him talking dirty, asking the watcher “Eight inches of dick ain’t enough for you, huh?”

We think we speak for everyone when we say we’re gonna need proof that he ain’t chatting shit.

Although Isaac was partaking in a benefit play reading of Alan Browne’s Beirut, described by host MCC Theater as “raunchy, real, and poetic”, (WELL, I think it’s safe to say we have all “benefited”), he could clearly be reading the role of an aggressive top.

His character, Torce, was “a young man who is in quarantine after testing positive to a nameless disease”. Relevant, at least. While Marisa Tomei starred opposite as the girlfriend who “refuses to leave him isolating alone” having played the same character in 1987 in the original script.

Naturally, you can now watch Isaac saying “And then, come home and fuck” on repeat.

Other tit-bits include “get on your knees, and that’s an order”.