Costa Rica Will Legalise Same-Sex Marriage Next Week!

Costa Rica has dashed attempts to delay same-sex marriage and confirmed that the law will be passed on Tuesday (26th May).

Enrique Sánchez of the Citizen Action Party said: ‘Equal Marriage is a legal reality in our country. That will not change. The Inter-American Court and the Constitutional Chamber have made this clear.’

In August of 2018 Costa Rica’s Supreme Court of Justice ruled it was against the constitution to block same-sex marriage. And so, in that November they gave an 18-month deadline to the legislative assembly to extend the rightful laws to same-sex couples, or they will would automatically become legal anyway.

Despite 26 deputies asking for an 18-month delay post-COVID, the courts overuled the ban at a vote of 33-20.

Sí Acepto Costa Rica, who are providing a special broadcast to mark the day – considering celebrations will be limited to each household – said:

‘Decades of effort and struggle for rights reach a historic moment on May 26 when Costa Rica becomes the first country in Central America to approve civil marriage for people of the same sex.’

Congratulations Costa Rica!

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