A Redditor recently posted a photo of two lifeguards holding hands – 71 years ago – and now the internet wants answers.

The back of the photo reads: “To Buzz. I’ll always remember the times we spent together. All my love, your Tommy”.

And it’s really those words which set it all off: “Your Tommy” WAAAH!

The photo, which was dated 1949, came 54 years before being homosexual was legal and therefore has us constructing this forbidden and touching love story. Which it definitely was.

But furthermore, people want to know why they were saying goodbye.

“I wonder if they had to get married. Or if they were lifeguards and the summer was over and they had to go back to their lives of lies.”

Another added: “This is so touching and beautiful and also makes me sad to think that if they wanted to be together they couldn’t do it back then… I’d like to think they at least were able to have loved and lost than not love at all.”

We hope so too… There’s nothing more heartbreaking than society enforcing our pain because they’re not open-minded enough.