If you – like most of the world – were face-palming as Aiden Zhane flailed through this week’s Snatch Game, you’re in good company.

Last week’s episode of Drag Race saw the hopeful queen choose to impersonate Patricia Quinn – most known for role in Rocky Horror Picture show – mostly because… erm, he’d met her. Although Zhane’s choice of celebrity to impersonate seemed to rest more on the fact that he wanted to boast about having lunch with Quinn rather actually being able to deliver an accurate portrayal of her as a person. Which is probably why the queens advised her against the decision in the workroom.

And while Zhane seemed desperate to convey his ‘friend’ Quinn, she basically dropped a dollop of Mariah Carey with a dash “this bitch” on Aiden.


In a since-deleted Facebook post written by one of Patricia’s friends, Gregor, he slams the performance:

“I was o thrilled when I heard that one of the little bitches on RuPaul’s Drag Race was going to impersonate my bestie Patricia Stephens,” Gregor Gillespie wrote in a post. “I was excited because he wasn’t portraying “Magenta” — but her as a person and that’s what made it exciting because he had a massive opportunity to share the Magic of Patricia to a big audience.”

“Boy was I wrong,” he continued, before branding the performance “completely insulting”, “bad and unflattering” and a “complete antithesis” of who Quinn really is.

This entire moment is pure comedy; obviously Zhane’s performance was truly terrible but ‘insulting’? Girl, hold onto your wig. An amateur performer’s bad portrayal of someone else isn’t a personal attack on the celebrity… it’s just brain fog, zero acting skills, and bad judgment.