Halle Berry recently came under fire from a gaggle of low-IQ’d bigots after the actress posted a video of her six-year-old son wearing a pair of white heeled boots on her Instagram page.

In the video – which Berry captioned ‘Day 12 of Quarantine’ – Maceo storms around the house like a drag queen with errands to run.

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#Quarantine Day 12 🥴

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FYI the check-combo is super cute too!

Of course for the kid it’s just play time, but that didn’t stop the ignorant homophobes asking things like:

“his mother is making him gay?”

“Please don’t let this kid think this is alright,”

“Stop acting like this is normal”

Girl, maybe stop acting like ‘normal’ is still a thing. Drag is freedom, ironically the complete opposite of the ‘normal’ cage these other humans are trapped in.

Then Halle responded to one commenter who referred to her son as a ‘she’: “Well it’s a he and he is having a ball. Tryna cope the best he can. Laughter helps a lot right now! It’s tight on these kids right now. Let’s have a laugh and some compassion.”