In Barcelona, Eight men who were holding a – ahem – group gathering after they were forbidden as part of lockdown rules to reduce the spread of COVID-19, have been arrested on drug charges.

Apparently someone who had been invited to attend tipped off the police, who turned up to the apartment in plain-clothes. The host must’ve presumed it was one of the other 20-30 people he had reportedly invited…

I mean, there’s playing with fire and then there’s diving into a burning building head-first. If it had just been the eight of them, you could maybe excuse that as it could’ve just been a foursome that got a little carried away, but 20? 30?! You can’t be that horny! Have they even been on lockdown a week?

All eight attendees were arrested for possession of drugs, including cocaine, crystal meth and G. They weren’t fussed about being left with no pasta then we presume.

The rules in Spain, are that leaving one’s house is only allowed when necessary, if you have to shop or go to the pharmacy you should practice social distancing. So we reckon whichever guy was sitting in the corner on Grindr still was probably safest.