Bruno Alvarez Ladd has a 135k-strong social media following, and while he frequently poses in his underwear he saves the goods for his OnlyFans.

“I think what attracts people specifically to my profile is that I have a really strong Instagram presence,” the 33-year-old Argentinian tells C&C, “but I never crossed the line over there, not even a butt pic, but on my OnlyFans, they can see everything. Literally everything.”

A saint on the socials, and a devil in the DMs.

Working as an industrial engineer and on social media in the day, Bruno was clearly made to strip as a side-hussle; he tells us that his nudes are his most popular content, “even more than the full-length sex videos which is – to be honest – quite weird. But I try to make a mix of everything to please all my fans.”

We do like a guy that’s eager to please.

Talking on what turns him on personally, Bruno says that he “can’t deny [he] loves big, muscle hairy bodies,” but adds, “what turns me on the most is the face, and I’m not talking about conventional beauty, but a face that gives me chills. If that face comes with a great body, I’d be pleased, but wouldn’t take a body that comes with a face I don’t like”.

When we asked Bruno if he had any “specialties”, he tells us that he can confirm two things: “I’m not afraid or ashamed of doing absolutely anything and I listen to my fans and try to do whatever they want to see.”

Absolutely anything is a pretty bold statement! Anyone want to wager how far they can push that? 😉

Bruno recognizes that there’s a stigma attached to sex work, claiming that he frequently gets asked judgemental questions about it, “then you start talking about earnings, and suddenly all your friends start thinking of doing it too.”

“Since I live in a big city where religion does not influence people’s lives that much, I don’t get those preconceptions that people coming from countries with a stronger religious presence and “family values” do.”

Thank Gawd! Nothing kills an online sex show like ‘family values’.

Bruno recorded an exclusive video for our members, or if you’re ready to dive in go straight to his OnlyFans

See his soaped-up shower exclusive here [NSFW]