When doctors tell you to “stay inside”, they’re not referring to the guy who’s currently face-down in your pillow.

Despite the government issuing social distancing measures last week, and further lockdown restrictions on Monday, people are still ignoring this advice. Urging one furious gay doctor to take to Reddit to vent, “There’s a time and a place for everything.”

He’s specifically pissed at the gays still in the bars, clubs and bragging about it on socials, adding that as an ER nurse it’s “the biggest slap in the face ever”.

“I’ve worked countless hours trying to protect myself and others with limited PPE and treating patients, and seeing posts saying things about how fun the weekend was […] makes me sick!”

“I especially am infuriated by the men who are well educated and continued to go out and decide to post about it. Men who are fishing for likes on social media and have no idea what kind of privilege they have.”

While COVID-19 isn’t transmitted through sex, it can be exchanged through kissing, rimming and just being close to one another (as it lives in the air and on surfaces for a number of hours).

Another Redditor added: “People are choosing to be ignorant bc party, sex and drugs is more important than a fucking life, you might not be that affected by it, but some boomer, or a cancer patient going through treatment, people whose immune systems are weak, they can die bc of your lifestyle, please stay at home.”