Bachelorette alum Chad Johnson has revealed that he has an OnlyFans with his girlfriend Annalise Mishler, as well as their own individual accounts.

“We’re going to upload some stuff later tonight,” he said, going on to explain that fans can request to see sexual acts, and that they’ve “already made a lot” of tapes together that they “might as well put out there.”

The news came as Johnson revealed that he an Annaleise are still dating despite a domestic violence incident which led to his arrest, and subsequent suicide threat for which he was hospitalized for.

Sounds like there is a lot of drama going on with the two… are public sex tapes really the solution?

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He added that Annalise isn’t keen on people knowing they’re together: “We got together and talked…she technically doesn’t want to say that we’re together just because she thinks that puts a bad image out there, the fact that we just got right back together after all this. But we’re hanging out every day. We just had our six month anniversary last night.”

It’s almost as if he just completely disregarded her concerns and told a radio show exactly what she didn’t want him to. Not to mention that if she doesn’t want their relationship public, how are going to proceed with online sex work together?

On top of that, Johnson said he was going to enter a program for his drinking.

He has already bragged on social media about being in the top 4.7% of creators.

At the moment, it’s been reported to C&C that things aren’t much spicier than this…

The news comes just a few days after troubled singer Aaron Carter also joined the platform and posted full-frontal photos to fans.