Atlantis Cruises are refusing to refund the gays who don’t attend the seabound circuit party, and the gays are pissed.

The company – who swiftly changed their cancellation policy on March 9th – has ignited fury on social media. The new policy, which claims “to provide our guests more flexibility in these uncertain times,” also now states that refunds will only be granted to customers giving at least 60 days advance notice. Which is of little help to those set to sail off on March 21st from San Juan.

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A Facebook group – which already has over 2,000 members – is popping off and demanding refunds. Passengers have accused the brand of “corporate greed during the most unprecedented pandemic of our generation.”

Some members have also raised concerns over the company’s responsibility for the countries the ship is set to dock in, as well as their passengers. If an outbreak were to happen on a cruise ship, the chances of it spreading amongst passengers would be incredibly high – especially an Atlantis one where bodily fluids are regularly flung about the starboard.

Many other cruises have cancelled or postponed their dates.