Matt is an online exhibitionist that markets himself off his large package, hence his username ’10 inch London’, so we sat him down to get inside the mind of a guy who carries a penis most men dream of having.

When did you first realise that you were quite a bit above the average penis size?

I started to be aware of it from a young age – everyone always used to stare in the locker room when I was getting changed and make jokes to me about it! But it wasn’t really until I moved to London (and started to see many other penises) that I realised how huge I truly was.

How does it impact your life on a daily basis?

Mainly just in terms of the attention that guys pay to it! When I’m at the urinal, when I’m getting changed at the gym, when I’m free-balling..! It’s also a bit limiting with what I can wear. I always have to wear tight underwear for work, for example. When I worked in an office, my colleagues would always joke about seeing my bulge when I was at the front of the room presenting.

How often do you have sex?

I have sex most days, sometimes twice per day.

The idea of having a 10-inch dick is a dream for most men, are there any downsides?

Not really! It’s opened many doors for me so I can’t really complain. A few guys have difficulty taking it, but the pros far outweigh the cons haha.

Would you ever change it if you had the opportunity?

No fucking chance.

Do you get looks from other men, (either in the locker room or public bathrooms)?

Always! Someone once said to me in the gym steam room  – in front of a load of other guys – “mate, I’m not gay, but that’s the biggest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Is it heavy?”

(He confirms: “it’s really fucking heavy”)

Do you use it to seduce men?

I would be lying if I said no. But also, I don’t have any of the apps anymore, so the guys I hook up with generally all know I have a massive dick anyway. And some come from Twitter / OnlyFans, so of course they know too.

Have you ever injured yourself or someone else during sex?

[laughs] Yes. My ex-boyfriend had to go to the hospital one time when I fucked him too hard after we had an argument. And one time I had sex with a girl too and she was almost wheelchair-bound afterwards – though she did text me to tell me I’d ruined all other men for her for life.

Do you think there’s pressure on gay men with big dicks to be the top?

Absolutely. Big dicks are seen as the dream so often in the gay community, that I think guys see it as a waste when big guys bottom. But I’m fine with that, I’m more than happy to be top! 

Do you ever feel fetishised?

Yeah, I used to feel fetishised a lot when I first came to London, especially at parties/nights out. Now I just own it and use it to my advantage! Haha no but seriously, it’s always important to treat a guy with respect no matter how big his dick is – sometimes you have to look past the huge cock to appreciate the guy who owns it!

Check out an exclusive video he gifted to C&C here, or head to his OnlyFans.

Matt ’10-inch London’ Gives Hottie a Mouthful