An Indianapolis woman who blackmailed and then out a man for having sex with other men has been found shot dead.

40-year-old Jane Waughfield live-streamed herself on Facebook, telling her audience “Y’all gotta hear this story”, before embarking on a 17-minute tale of how she blackmailed a former flame for $5000 after she discovered he was “fucking n**gers in the ass.”

Furthermore, Waughfield claims that the man she identified was having sex with his cousin, and when they refused to pay her, she got to streaming.

It’s a weird thing to announce that you’re blackmailer, but perhaps she felt it was necessary as to why she felt scared for her life.“They tried to kill me. They chased me out of the house,” Adding, “If I die, let them people know they killed me.”

Hours later, she was shot dead during a high-speed car chase. As she was driving at 90-100mph when she was shot, this resulted in multiple car crashes. The driver of the other car is in serious condition and has remained unnamed.

There has been no confirmation that the video and death are linked.

However, if she was that scared for her life, how about just not blackmailing someone? She divulged this man’s identity and place of work knowing it would be detrimental to his life, and potentially put her own in danger but went ahead. Ultimately, she sold her own life for $5000.