In other news confirming that Uber will literally hire almost anyone, (you have to have a driving license, of course, but aside from that…)

In a recent incident in San Diego, a British couple and their son were travelling to their hotel when they were accosted by an ignorant driver for being gay parents. In a series of tweets from James Moed, he explains how he and his husband were told their crying baby needed its mother.

But apparently the Uber driver didn’t believe the boy had two dads and decided to call the police.

In a Twitter thread, Moed told how the police knocked on their hotel room doors at 1.30am and demanded their IDs:

Moed complained to Uber, but when the algorithm sent him a refund, he expressed his disappointment. “Keep yr $10, we want proof that you keep #LGBTQ riders safe from homophobic drivers”.

Too right!

Although, Moed didn’t push for the dismissal of driver but rather requested an apology from the driver and “evidence of LGBTQ sensitivity training program”.

Uber needs to fix up, the competition out there is increasing and there are already other brands offering cheaper fares and better service.