This week’s Man Candy is Erik Steinhagen, a German swimmer who can barely keep it in his pants… no, literally his pants are barely big enough.

It is quite ironic that the profession with the world’s smallest uniform was the one he pursued. Least you know what to express gratitude for this Thanksgiving.

Steinhagen – who’s an Olympic swimmer by day, and we presume, impaler by night – has competed in a number of Olympic games, and we have a feeling the breaststroke isn’t the only kind of stroke he’s mastered.

You can tell from his style of selfies that he’s an exhibitionist; I personally don’t cut off half my head so my bulge can make the shot, but give me a baseball bat down there and maybe I would.

We heard he has an OnlyFans too but that he posts workouts and bulge videos, [insert hysterical laughter]

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