As the Drag Race wheel continues to turn at full speed, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t excited. OK, maybe excitement is a complete fucking understatement!

Especially since the show released a full-length trailer for their 12th season, ru-vealing a number of fabulous guest judges all pledging allegiance to the drag. Among those, The Democratic member of the House of Representatives, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez; an open superfan of the show and our favourite politician – even if we are based in the UK!

The new princess of R&B Normani will also take residence alongside Ru and Michelle, as will Whoopi Goldberg, Robyn, model Winnie Harlow, Mean Girls actors Daniel Franzese and Jonathan Bennett, Thandie Newton, Leslie Jones, Chaka Khan and Jeff Goldblum.

Goldblum went viral not too long ago when he was filmed dancing in a leopard print shirt at Pride.

Somewhat annoyingly, the pilot will be spread over two weeks, a week apart. Ru knows we like to binge and we wish it had been a 2-hour opener!