A Ugandan imam has been suspended from his cleric duties after he accidentally married a man pretending to be a woman. Don’t you hate it when you go to bed with Rita and wake up with Richard?

Sheikh Mohammed Mutumba, 27, reportedly only found out the truth when his ‘wife’ was caught stealing the neighbour’s TV (which wasn’t very holy of her anyway), and then the police searched her. What did they think she was keeping a widescreen plasma in her knickers?

Local media in Kayunga reported that the wife later admitted to pretending to be a woman so he could marry the imam and steal his money.

Mutumba claims he hadn’t been sexually intimate with his wife – who he believed was called Swabullah Nabukeera, but was actually called Richard – since they were married in a traditional Islamic ceremony in December.

But all was revealed why when Richard stole a television and clothes from the neighbours (something that seems odd considering Mutumba had enough cash to encourage Richard to switch genders).

Mutumba is reportedly “devastated” and needs counselling.

Another member of the mosque also claims to have been fooled by Nabukeera, stating: “He had a sweet soft voice and walked like a woman.” So, as if he didn’t have a dick between his legs?

Richard often wore a hijab which helped with the disguise.

Although Mutumba had entered the marriage believe that Richard was a woman, the mosque’s head imam, Sheikh Isa Busuulwa, said the suspension was necessary to ‘preserve the integrity of their faith.’