As a Brit, one is not a huge fan (read: remotely interested) in the sport of wrestling, unless it’s a college class that gets out of hand. I just find the acting to be on par with Panto.

For example, Joey Ryan became a household name within the industry thanks to his infamous “dick flip” move. Whereby he forces his opponent to grab his junk and then uses his all-powerful dick to flip them onto their back.

Sounds impressive, but we’d much rather know what that dick can actually do.

Despite having men touch his dick at work, Ryan told Loverboy mag a few years back that he’s able to detach himself from what happens in the ring:

“While I’m performing, I’m in a different mindset altogether. I’ve had no issues with my penis staying professional, when I invoke the penis flip, because again it’s a mindset.”

And if you’re thinking he resembles and 80s porn star, that’s intentional! Ryan continued “I’d been wrestling for a few years and I decided to pattern myself after the wrestling era that got me hooked – the 80s.  I adopted 80s icon Magnum PI’s look with the moustache, chest hair and floral print.  But as cool as he was then, if Magnum PI walked around looking like that today, it may have come off a little sleazy.”

An interview in which he denounced homophobes too, “It’s hard for me to identify with the intolerance that must be felt in that community but I just try to be respectful of all people and cultures. I even don’t like separating groups in terms of a ‘community.’ To me, we’re all just people.”