Meme culture only continued to grow this year, and Drag Race star Jasmine Masters is still riding that wave. As announced by popular GIF platform Giphy, Masters’ saying “And I oop-” was used over 419 million times and therefore the most-used GIF this year. Daaamn girl!

As a congratulations, the platform mailed Masters an award. “Congratulations on having the number one GIF of 2019,” Masters reads as she unpackages the gift. Inside, is a trophy which depicts a video of the performer repeating her catchphrase over and over.

The moment comes from a full YouTube video filmed by Masters’ in which she rants about friends getting too drunk. Naturally, someone has edited out the viral moment for your convenience, as per below:

The ability for “and I oop-” to become so popular lies in the beauty that the phrase fits in so well with everyday life so well: Your BFF spills the tea at brunch? And I oop- Bumping into an ex-boyfriend? And I oop- Having the husband of the man you’re having sex with come home? And I oop-

Congratulations Jasmine, we know we certainly got our money’s worth out of the catchphrase!