This is the story, about a girl named Plucky.

While most of us remember getting called names at school, but how many of us stood up those bullies is another matter. In a clip that is rightly going viral, Jordy gets called a faggot by one of his classmates and claps back – literally!

What’s great about students having smartphones is that we get more than one-angle of the ass whoopin’.

‘Baby’-gay Jordan was hailed on Twitter for not taking this shit.

Responding to people on Twitter, Jordan said: “I really can’t believe people actually are around to tell me that it was ok to stick up for myself!”

“I honestly was just looking for an apology. But he acted like it was no big deal and that has been the word to define me since 2nd grade.”

Other users jumped to caption the video. One writing: “When I say that this baby slapped him with the hands of Harvey Milk and EVERY ancestor at Stone Wall….”

Another wrote: “the girls are gonna learn to stop messing with the gays thinking they can bully us and not get handled accordingly, you will receive a 3 piece and won’t have to stand in line at popeyes to get it”.