Once again we’re reminded of the horrific actions religion causes toward our community; as always in heartbreaking proportion.

Originally from Iraq, Seran M was residing in Switzerland with his Muslim family when he woke up one day with his father standing over him holding a knife.

“Are you gay? Are you gay?” he fired, before launching at his 17-year-old son with the weapon. Seran was lucky to have been able to fight his father off, and with neighbours alerting the emergency services, he was airlifted to hospital. Thankfully he survived, but Seran suffered severe injuries to his neck, arms, back and chest.

Speaking with local news reporters, Seran – who had always hidden his sexuality from his father, said: “Fortunately, my father missed the carotid artery, but the trachea was badly injured. I had to be put in an induced coma.”

Seran said that the injuries will “accompany me for the rest of my life”, and admitted he is undergoing professional help to get over the trauma of the attack. Saying he is “a freer person than before” the incident.

Adding, “My mum is ashamed of what happened. But I hid for long enough, this is the end of that now.”

After sharing the images on social media, Seran was flooded with messages of support and now was to help other LGBTQ people of the Islamic faith.

“Get help if you want to come out [as gay]. We are living in 2019 and my dad wanted me dead because I am attracted to men. I just cannot accept that.”

Personally, I’ll never understand how any human being could worship an invisible God so much they act like this to their own flesh and blood.