While Beyoncé and Jay-Z may have scooped GLAAD’s vanguard award earlier this year, we think we know who’s taking the title in 2020: none other than Albert Square’s Phil Mitchell.

Viewers we left yelling ‘YAAAS’ at their screens last night when Phil, when he punched a homophobe in the face for calling his son, Ben, a faggot. If you’ve been away from the soap for a while, a quick recap:

Token gay Ben had low-key been hooking up with Witney’s boyfriend Callum. Witney left Callum at the alter because she found out he was, like, totally gay. Phil then caught Ben and Callum pashing out, and initially struggled to accept his son’s sexuality. Now Callum’s dad, Jonno, wants to know why the wedding didn’t go ahead…

Cut to the current scene.

Callum comes out to his dad, before he dad calls him a “muck-loving faggot”. MUCK LOVING!! Dead.

Fans were happy to see Phil chuck a 180 when it came to queer acceptance, but sometimes all it takes is one homophobe to make you realise the importance of family.