If all of the recent drama between Coleen Rooney and Rebeka Vardy ignited your lust for trashy feuds between WAGs, then you might be pleased to hear that Footballers Wives will be returning – although sadly not to TV screens, but to the stage instead.

Original writer Maureen Chadwick confirmed to Radio Times that the fan favourite series is being adapted for theatre, focusing on the storyline of the show’s first season. Which you may remember centred around Tanya Turner and her turbulent marriage to Jason.

However, at this time, it’s not expected that any of the original cast will return. *Side eye* We want Zoe Lucker throwing martinis at people and Gary Lucy is states of undress.

Producer Liz Lake told Radio Times that there are currently no plans to bring the series back to TV, but she would welcome the opportunity. Lake continued:

“If there’s an appetite for it, and enough people want it, it would be worth having that conversation.

“Whatever job I do, I get people telling me they loved Footballers’ Wives. It was an escape and a bit of refreshing camp, but it was still really bold storytelling.

“I think we’d prefer to have an update than a reboot, a revival moving it forward. It’s more than just nostalgia, it’s about seeing what life is like now.”

There is definitely a gap in the market for a trashy over-the-top British drama, why do you think we eat up everything Ryan Murphy does? I think bring back the original cast as parents of the new generation of WAGs, that way it’s not like you miss the original characters but it’s not a tragic drag-on from its predecessor.