The big problem benefit with Instagram Live is that it can capture people’s most candid and even intimate moments. After all, we wouldn’t have seen a determined Lindsay Lohan trying to steal homeless children and getting punched in the face as a result.

More recently, Tarik Cohen of the Chicago Bears, turned on the live feature in the team’s locker room to publicly celebrate their win over the Washington Redskins. However, Cohen was so caught up in the moment that he didn’t notice his team mate Kyle Long naked in the background.

Naturally, with Kyle’s surname being Long, the jokes amidst team mates and Twitter flowed.

“Had I known that I would be full nude on the internet, I probably would have prepared a little bit more,” Long told The Chicago Sun-Times, but while the incident was embarrassing, Long is taking it in his stride, adding “shit happens. What are you gonna do?”

Start an OnlyFans and strike while the irons hot?

“I was trying to go shower, then next thing you know you’re on the internet. It was unfortunate, but we’re moving forward.” Glad to hear it.

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