“My sexual identity is straight, 100% straight,” ex-soldier Daniel McGraffin details, despite the smell of dick still fresh on his breath. In an interesting coverage for Channel 5, The Sex Business: Swinging Both Ways, explores the lives of those who partake in gay-4-pay.

Under his stage name Geordie Jackson, McGraffin brags that he earns £1000 for just a few hours work. Saying that after he had a mental breakdown and was kicked out of the army (for going AWOL), he tried an array of jobs that don’t require any talent, like cleaner and DJ, before entering the world of porn.

Fair play… Surely mostly 100% men would rather have a toilet brush in their hand than a handful of cocks.

“When I was working as a DJ, there was a fan of mine, a girl, who worked as a dominatrix. She tells me about this guy, she says he’s ‘totally straight but does gay porn”.

After being paid £750 for a short shoot, McGraffan then signed a three-year deal with Lucas Entertainment.

“I did look into straight porn, but in gay porn there’s way less competition, and there’s no money in straight porn.”

Meanwhile, his long-term girlfriend Freya doesn’t give AF if you think her man’s gay. “It’s fake,” she says. Just to be clear, how did your man shoot a wad of fake spunk onto that guy’s face?

“People say ‘he must be a little bit gay’, she continues, “When he gets back (from a shoot), he doesn’t want to think about anyone with a d**k.”

Of course, he doesn’t; the same way Janet doesn’t get home from work and start thinking about all the HR paperwork she has to do. But he could also just get an OnlyFans and then have sex with who he ‘actually’ wanted.

She went on, “If it was straight porn, he would be attracted to the people he was working with. So in theory, it’s still the same, but there would be potential he’s attracted to them, but that risk isn’t there because it’s full of men that he doesn’t think are fit.”

Well, she sounds confident for somebody that’s scared her man might catch feelings for someone else.

McGraffin adds: “People outside the industry think I must be gay. They don’t know the tricks of the trade. They say ‘you look like you’re enjoying it’. And I say, ‘thanks, that means I’m a good actor.”

So what are the tricks of the trade that allows a 100% straight man to take dick and relish in it? Also, if one is such a fine actor, then surely one could’ve found work in front of a different kind of camera.

“My mum hasn’t got a clue I do porn. She knows I do some kind of gay modelling, I could never tell her, she’d probably just laugh but I can’t physically get it out of my mouth to her.” Well, now it’s in the British tabloids and on a national television show, that’s that solved!