As men, anyone who’s ever had a hands-free orgasm will know exactly how monumental it is; they’re not exactly easy to come by, but anyone’s who had one knows just how intense they can be. Even the orgasms when you’re not touching yourself when you climax are so much more intense than when you do it yourself.

And the good news is that now you don’t even have to trawl through dating apps, hoping to find someone that can *ahem* pull it off.

The world’s first guybrator, the Pulse III, from Hot Octopuss is backed by medical science (welcome to 2019) designed to give you the most intense orgasm possible between it’s six preset vibrations. Really wishing we didn’t bunk science all the time at school now. There’s even the potential for the oracle of orgasms: the hands-free kind.

Check out our review of the product below:

You can get yours here.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll be cancelling all future plans.

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