While there are many things we’d put on a list of the importance of self-care, for some reason, sweaty sex with Jake Gyllenhaal wouldn’t have been one of them; although we’d probably sacrifice our sanity for that anyway.

The actor – who has been starring in Sea Wall/A Life on Broadway – was speaking with Vanity Fair when they asked about taking care of himself.

“I believe in sweat, in whatever form. For me, my best form of self-care is intimacy; that makes me sweat.”

Love how he says that so casually, like you can have sex on tap. Oh wait, when you’re Jake Gyllenhaal, you can. Well, if you ever feel your mental health dwindling, we’ll do what needs to be done for the sake of your mental health, Jake.

He continued, “And then I believe in the balance of rest and exercise. It’s really that simple for me.”

Adding, “I think caring for yourself is really important, particularly nowadays as men. Being vulnerable and admitting those vulnerabilities is very, very important.”