A Catholic priest is being accused of not being very Catholic. Which is unusual, it must be 14 hours since we last heard of a priest embroiling themselves in a scandal.

Joseph McLoone of St. Joseph Catholic Church, Pennsylvania allegedly spunked over $100,000 on a beach house, gifts for his boyfriend, and a Grindr XTRA account. Apparently, McLoone opened a secret checking account in 2011 and diverted parishioner donations into that account and misappropriated other church funds over the next seven years.

When they confronted 58-year-old McLoone, he confessed (lol) to paying for “personal relationships” with men using church funds. He’s ow facing 18 charges, including a number of felony charges. We’re not sure a few Hail Marys will cut it this time.

Kenneth Gavin, chief communications officer for the Archdiocese of Philly, branded the incident “disturbing” and vowed to “cooperate” with law enforcement.

But, like, serious question OK… while people are throwing coins into that collection plate, where do they think the money is going? On that £7 bottle of red wine and pack of wafers, they buy in Londis and then dub as Jesus? The Vatican or whatever already pay for their residence, and actually, the church is one of the richest establishments in the world but they’re still taking your hand-outs and boning the altar boys.

Obviously, not all priests are like that, but the sooner people acknowledge that religion is widely and commonly used to mask people’s sin, and not free them from it, the sooner we can stop putting it on an undeserving pedestal.