When we view other people’s lives through the lens of social media, or in the case of celebrities, articles and magazines, we tend to be susceptible to the ‘iceberg effect’, where what we actually see is only the ‘tip’ or just a glimpse of who that person is.

For example, we know that Mark Wahlberg gets up at 2.30am, works out twice a day (which explains his peak physique), and engages in cryo chambers. But did you know that he lays out his socks before he wears them? Well, for someone with those levels of discipline, strict organisation isn’t that big of a leap, but still, good to know.

There’s something sexy about a guy who keeps a clean bedroom, but perhaps that’s just an opinion which stems from one too many flings with messy students. Nobody wants to be about to throw some neck and end up kneeling in old noodles.

Also here’s a totally erotic video of Marky Mark on his back, legs up, panting:

[H/t: Instinct]