To a lot of people, it would probably sound strange that as a 29-year-old gay man, I’d never used sex toys before. (Obviously, cock rings don’t count). But to be honest I’ve always just found them a bit extra, know what I mean? Basically, Grindr is free and real dick is better than an acrylic one. So there was always more important things to spend my money on. And ultimately, I didn’t pay for these anyway!

I think I’d have been way more into trying them out with a long-term partner, but seen as I don’t have one of those, I’m going it alone! (Kinda like hormonal women who want children and can’t find the right guy, so instead find the right test tube). Besides you can’t really ask a one night stand to break out the electronics when you don’t even know their name… that would be weird.

I’m looking for sex toys that’ll blow my mind, while taking it off men – ’cause they’re actually so draining.

Virgin Toy Story is coming soon.

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