Sitting on chairs properly is just not something that’s in gay DNA, like parallel parking or math. And while there’s still no invention to get you into that tight parking spot, there is one that helps you sit on a chair like a heterosexual.

After a sketch for a “bi-chair”, designed for those who can’t sit straight, garnered attention online, the father of a bisexual non-binary person went ahead and built it. Pink News reports:

Israel Walker, a barista from Iowa in the midwest of the US, learned about bisexual sitting from his bisexual non-binary child and their pals. He quickly reached out to Matiazi to ask if he could build a jerry-built version of her design. Matiazi gave it her blessing, according to Walker’s Facebook post.

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Have you heard about bi-sitting?

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The chair allows the sitter to sit with one leg straight and bent at the knee like usual, and the other leg tucked underneath, with a hole for the foot and a rest for the knee.

Personally, I’m someone that always sits on my foot, or with my leg draped over the chair’s arm, and hate when people remark on it; first of all, leave me alone, I’m gay. Secondly, I spent the first 18 years of my life living feeling uneasy, can I be comfortable at last?

Walker is also planning a second version of the chair is “blown away” by the response so far. And while Matiazi said she too was “amazed” at the responses, and would “love” to have a real-life chair to sit in herself, has no plans to have them manufactured.