Marc Cherry, the mastermind behind the slick – and hilarious – Desperate Housewives is set to have fully addicted to TV again with his new series Why Women Kill. Devious Maids was a pretty adequate filler for the domestic-murder-affair scandals we were left craving, but since that got chopped… nothing.

Oh, and it stars Lucy fucking Liu. We’ve literally been waiting for Lui to resurrect a bitchy character after leaving us fully obsessed with Ling of Ally McBeal.

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Ad the synopsis sounds pretty sick too; like an air of Desperate Housewives, but not too similar it’s gonna feel like a remake.

The sassy comedic drama detailing the lives of three women who all lived in the same house over different decades, all battling with their husband’s infidelities. One is a housewife in the 60s (Ginnifer Goodwin), another is a socialite in the 80s (Lui), and the third is lawyer in 2018 (Kirby Howell-Baptiste).

It actually looks pretty steamy too; count us ALL THE WAY in! Why Women Kill will air on CBS on August 15th.