Katie Hopkins just hit out at how some members of the LGBTQ community were dressed over Pride, and it seems she’s not alone in how she feels.

The controversial columnist referred to men in thongs as “gimps with their willies vacuum wrapped in hot pink latex for our children to see”.

Meanwhile, Facebook user Callum John Williams, posted an image of men in dog masks, writing:

“I know it’s pride and be who you want to be but don’t come with a fucking dog mask on. I really don’t get that fetish at all!!! they should just keep it behind closed doors. There loads families at this years pride with kids god knows what they think of gay community”.

Personally, I believe in the freedom of fashion – having worn a number of skimpy/’out-there’ outfits throughout the years (although I’d never wear a thong/fetish wear) – but as queer people, we do represent our community and he raises a point in that conflating Pride with fetishes only gives homophobes the ammunition to label LGBTQ communities as perverts and sexual deviants.

In fact, we’re sure that the Muslim community in Birmingham would have a field day with this.

However… while their outfit choices aren’t exactly conservative, they’re also not exposing anything indecent, or engaging in any sexual behaviour (hopefully). The masks alone are hardly enough to mentally scar a child, and while their connotations may be sexual, most children would be oblivious to that.

Also, let us remind you, that the World Naked Bike ride – which sees people completely naked ride through various cities around the world, including London – takes place every year too.

So when it comes to Pride, dress-codes can be a grey area as what people deem “appropriate” or “offensive” is subjective… Give us your two cents: