There were a lot of people that were angry or confused on Facebook that I’ve begun to implement a Patreon/membership scheme. And I apologise for not keeping followers on social media in the loop; something that I did do with email subscribers. I can totally understand your frustration of how it came out of the blue.

But I really only had two options: charge for a percentage of content, or close the site entirely. The site has been entirely free for eight years, but that’s not an option for C&C to continue to exist. In light of people’s reactions, I’ve decided to include the full original letter that I sent to my email subscribers:

Firstly, I’d like to start by thanking you for tuning in when you do/can, and giving my writing and content your time and attention. When I began this blog at 21-years-old, I never expected it to be read by anywhere near as many people as it did, but sadly, how the internet is evolving is making it extremely difficult to pursue this dream. 

Some of you might not know this, but the blog and all of its socials channels are run by just myself, which is an extremely exhausting job, to say the least… Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than prepared to work hard – as I have done since quitting my full-time job in January 2015.

But, full disclosure: working 52-56 hour weeks and still not earning enough to move out of my dad’s house is making me proper depressed, and I’m finally prepared to do whatever it takes to make myself happy; even if that means leaving my dream behind. (Always remember that nothing is more important than your own happiness and health). And I’m not telling you this for sympathy, but rather in a bid to be more open and honest with my subscribers about why I’ve made this decision.

Unfortunately, due to Facebook and Instagram ad targeting it’s increasingly difficult to get brands to sponsor the site, and being the niche blog that it is, am unable implement Google Ads or work with brands like Amazon. So when I sought business advice about a year ago, I was told to set-up a Patreon account and ask C&C supporters for their help. 

I initially decided against a Patreon, partially because I felt too proud to let anybody know that I was struggling, but mostly because I wanted to bring joy and laughs (and boners) to people for free. Even at this stage, it would pain me to ask people for donations, so instead, I’ve created a Patreon account which offers extra benefits to those financial supporters of the site. 

The lack of financial gain is also restricting me from branching out and creating better and exciting projects for readers, because I spend all day blogging just to cover the site’s costs. And so with less pressure to bring money in through traditional blogging, I’ll have more time to curate and create funny, engaging and hot original content. 

The Patron tiers would range from £1 – £10 p/m. I’ve kept the initial fee low, as I just feel you probably wouldn’t notice if you lost a £1 once a month down your sofa, but maybe you would notice if C&C disappeared? Either way, I’m grateful for all of my readers over the years!

Subscribers get: full access to the site, NSFW exclusives, submit ideas for the upcoming podcast, (as well as opportunities to feature on it), social media shout outs, early access to new YouTube series, personalised thank you videos and Google hangouts. 

The paywall also prevents bigger companies and blogs freely using stories I’ve worked hard to find without giving credit. It’s sad that blogs with much bigger followings have the freedom to do that on the internet, so while they grow, C&C stays the same (Facebook has completely stifled our following), but that’s life.

If that at this point, you decide that you’d rather not be a fan of the site, that’s completely fair enough. I understand – having struggled myself for so long – that it’s not feasible for a lot of people. But I can no longer run myself into the ground attempting to keep the site going.

On the other hand, a BIG THANK YOU, to all of the loyal readers who have – and continue – to support me and my work up until this stage.

– Anthony, Creator & Editor