Are you one of those people that struggles to keeps hold of their belongings after a few drinks?

I definitely am. So when I found out about this GENIUS trackable wallet from Ekster, I really felt like I’d been gifted by my guardian angel. Like, finally, it’s about time that people started looking out for our lost stuff when we’re trollied, (seen as we don’t).

Ekster’s leather wallets come in three styles, a variety of colours, and all with insertable trackers which enable you to not only track the location of your lost wallet, but also make it ring. Logically, it’s best to track its location and then make it ring, to avoid alerting someone else to the wallet.

And it works in reverse too: so if you lose your phone but still have the wallet, you can make your phone ring. And if you’re a complete shitshow that is likely to lose your phone and wallet, get your friends to download the app and they can help you look!

You don’t have to charge the tracker either, because it’s solar powered with a battery that lasts up to 2 months! All it needs is 3 hours of indirect sunlight, so you don’t even have to think about charging it.

It also comes with a cool trigger-mechanism that pops your cards out for easy access. James Bonds wallet couldn’t even.

The funniest thing about this, is that I actually lost my wallet the first weekend out I had with it. Only this time I was able to track it!

The trackable wallet is available here.