“MMM… YoU wAnNa SeE mE tAKe a HUgE diCk iN mY aSS dON’t yOu?!”

It’s the adult advert many of us are all too familiar with; a handsome guy talking directly to the camera while riding a faceless bloke in a seated reverse cowgirl move. He promises the audience if they take the survey, he’ll give them a BIG reward. Although to be fair, it looks like he’s the one who’s getting the big reward.

Since then, the ad has been converted into memes:

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This ad haunts me. Just me??

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And depending on how many times you jerk-off a day, these ads can get highly annoying. But it seems the porn big wigs are fully aware of meme culture and are using it to their advantage – or at least, attempting to.

Always one to strike while the iron is hot, (remember Right In Front of My Salad girl getting a sequel?) the porn brand have issued a similar style ad. This time with a guy getting sucked off, the text reads:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any cringier… it did! Now take that survey and get rid of it!”

Why do we feel like you could take the survey and it wouldn’t stop the ad showing?

Surely this is partially the reason why porn subjects us to ridiculous storylines because a) they’re out of ideas, but b) the viral potential.