*This post originally claimed Steven was Italian based on a source that reported he was of Italian origin, this has since been corrected.

It seems the concept of reality TV is similar in Europe as it is to the UK and the US; once someone appears on one show, they subsequently go on to appear on a number of others. Steven Bachelard for example, began his career on Who Wants to Marry my Son?

(Well, if that’s a legitimate question, we’ve got no idea why Bachelard’s mum needed to take this slab of hunk of TV to find a suitor).

Before going onto to Angels 7 and The Villa of Broken Hearts. LAWD, we’re surprised it wasn’t the villa of broken holes if they all looked anyhing like him. Honestly, I tried to understand the concept of these shows but was just left baffled, so let’s just move along to the nudes, shall we? 🙂

And that’s not the only similarity; reality stars over there love taking their kit off for the camera too. As this steamy shower shoot from his younger years reveals…

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