Eastenders viewers were left shocked (the heterosexual ones at least), when Ben Mitchell (the one that’s been replaced more often than a Sugababe) mentioned adding a dark room to the newly opened gay bar in Albert Square.

Kathy Beale recently decided to open a gay bar, despite the show having no more than three gay characters. Oh, not to mention having zero experience. Kathy could barely run the cafe, let alone a queer venue. I mean, girl, even actual gay bar owners can’t keep them afloat in this economy, but who better to open a new gay bar than the mother of a fag?

Something that was perhaps highlighted as Kathy had never even thought about who her demographic was.

“So what kind of gay are you aiming at? You’ve got to figure out who specifically you’re targeting otherwise it’ll just become another bland gay bar,” asked her gay son, Ben.

“You’ve got loads of different tribes. You’ve got your bears, your cubs, your twinks, your muscle marys, your daddies…”

Although to be fair, with all of the six gays that probably exist in Walford’s entirety, perhaps a generic gay bar is just what the Square needs; really not the time to be excluding members of the community via ‘tribes’ when the bar will be half empty anyway.

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“Have you thought about a dark room?” he then asked. Legit question. Although perhaps not the most appropriate thing to ask your mum for.

Clueless Kathy thought he meant for developing photos.

The Prince Albert – as it is whimsically named – uses a man with a handlebar moustache and top hat as its logo, while Kathy stands there in a feather boa. So we guess she found her demographic, and it’s a 70s stereotype.

Although we think a dark room would certainly add some fun storylines to Albert Square, (cut to Ben thinking he’s getting a blowie from Hunter and it turns out to be Sonia Jackson), we’re not sure Kathy would be quite cut out for mopping semen off the floor. And walls. And her son.