Celebrations of Pride Moth commence in all kinds of ways; such as, wearing rainbow-drenched fashion brands, and perusing the nude scenes of the most underrated gay films, but none rarely reach such a climax as do these Pride-themed sex toys.

Curved Rainbow Dildo

This curved dildo may look ET’s finger (if he gunned out a unicorn), but you won’t believe the places it reaches; all of the nooks and crannies that you didn’t even know you needed penetrating. With a suction cup for wall mounting, it’s not a pot of gold you’ll find at the end of this 6-inch rainbow, but rather a mind-blowing orgasm.

Kaleidoscope Cock

The highest-rated dildo on all of LoveHoney’s site is this kaleidoscope cock; made of VixSkin for a more realistic experience (although we don’t expect this dick will tell you to book an uber straight after you’ve cum), the 7-inch dildo doesn’t just feel great, but looks it too. With life-like veins running down the shaft, we’re not surprised customers are being left satisfied. 


Bedazzled Buttplugs 

If you’re looking to train your backdoor into taking more ambitious feats, one way to do that is using butt plugs of increasing sizes; these rainbow heart-shaped ones from LoveHoney won’t just make you feel amazing, but they’ll make your hole look pretty darn snazzy too. They’re tooth jewels for the 00’s. Not ready for the full set? Buy them singly too.

Rainbow Vibrator

Despite gay men being less conservative toward the toys we use, one that often gets overlooked is the vibrator; which aren’t just used for penetration, but teasing your entire body. We recommend starting with less sexual parts of your body, and slowly making your way to the more sensitive and intense areas, while varying the speed at each spot. And this vibe is perfect for beginners too; just look how friendly and fluffy it is!

Unicorn Buttplug 

Perhaps the gayest toy on our list (quite an achievement), is this unicorn buttplug, which comes with a rainbow tail that’ll make you feel that much horn-ier. The Catholics had said that playing with My Little Pony turns little boys gay, so we guess they were right.