Madonna has been pelting out the singles at a speed that frighten the likes of Ariana, and we’re here for it. Her latest single Crave is a sound we just really weren’t expecting from Madge; how after all these years is she still surprising us? God is a woman, and her name is Madame X.

Crave is a catchy acoustic collab with Swae Lee, that almost unsettling current. Don’t get me wrong, Madonna is the queen of reinvention and constantly updates her sound (we’ve had everything from country to auto-tune), but this genuinely sounds like something you’d hear from an up-and-coming pop star.

Well, along with I Rise (an uplifting song dedicated to Madge’s friends taken in the AIDS epidemic), she is certainly making us swallow our words following Medellin. Judging from the three tracks so far, Madame X could be giving us a different sound with each song.

NOW we’re excited for more! Sidenote: If you’re not singing the bridge on the way home from work, sue us.