Russel Tovey has been taking tips from Taron Egerton and is plugging his new show with talk of the gay sex scenes.

Speaking on Years & Years, the time-travelling BBC drama/comedy, Tovey told Yahoo:

“This is the world we’re living in so we should be able to see this and your children should be able to,” the actor, who identifies as gay, tells Yahoo Movies UK. “Not that children are gonna watch this show as it’s after the Watershed. It’s graphic-o!”

Graphic-o? There’s a term we won’t be adding to our slang any time soon.

“Everything has to be shown because, otherwise, if you don’t show diversity, if you don’t show gay sex, if you don’t show men in love, or women in love, or whatever, then how the hell do you normalise it?” Tovey says.

Tovey weds Dino Fetscher in the trailer, so we presume that’s who he’s getting graphic with.

The show “offers arguably one of the most diverse casts on TV” writes Yahoo! above a photo of five white people and one black woman (and one light-skinned girl). C’mon Yahoo.

The show starts tonight on BBC1 at 9pm.