Jack Fincham has shed his ‘dad bod’ after a recent test revealed he was obese.

Not sure which kind of test that was, but Jack’s never looked near obese to us. Jack dropped 42% body fat and a stone and a half (from 15st 12lbs to 14st 6lbs) in weight during his partnership with Protein World: #DadBodChallenge.

HE said: “I really needed help with my training as well as my diet, because since leaving Love Island last year I wasn’t really looking after myself properly, mostly Beef Space Raiders are to blame”.

“My original BMI results revealed that I was technically obese – which was a complete shock. I’ve really tried my best to cut down on things like snacking and eating junk food, they are the biggest enemies.”

Well, he looks great! And he feels great, which is what matters. But the fake tan is a bit much, think of the bedsheets, darling. We just hope he’s done it for himself and not the pressure of the media, and furthermore, we hope he keeps his nice boy charm, because we all know someone that got hot and turned into an asshole.

But having recently got his kit off in front of a few thousand people (a lot more via TV recording), he’s probably a lot more aware of how he looks naked.