Having worked as a naked butler before entering the Love Island villa, you don’t need us to inform you that Alex Miller is at ease with his physique. And it turns out, he’s ready to turn that hot bod into a money maker.

To us, he was probably the most physically attractive in the villa (cutting it close with Jack Fowler) but was lacking in ‘game’.

It’s since become common knowledge that Miller now flaunts – well, everything – on his OnlyFans. Insiders tell us that he’s into piss and ass play, and has shared snaps of his array of sex toys to his fans, with the caption, “who wants to see me use all three of these at once?”

*Raises hand*

The reality star also told the Daily Star: “I’ve never been embarrassed about my body, and I’m lucky enough that some people like to see it”.

“As the content on the site is for my subscribers and not available to the general public I sometimes like to explore my sexuality, just as we all do”.

Wait, it’s not for the general public? Hmm, don’t think that’s how the internet works. Get a NSFW glimpse here.

Miller went on to say the reactions have been ‘great’. “It’s clear people like what I do”, he continued.

On the show, Miller set his sights on Megan but was dashed the sideline when she got back with Wes. We wonder if the two had gotten together if we’d still be watching Alex fondle himself online…