You’ve gotta love a bit of Philip Schofield.

The loveable silver fox on daytime TV was doing his bit for the LGBT+ community when he grilled Shakeel Afsar one of the protestors against LGBT+ education, on This Morning.

Afsar, who is leading the protest, strangely doesn’t even have a child at the school; but opposes the lessons anyway, because of his niece and nephews attendance.

The infuriating interview hears Afsar repeatedly refer to the Muslim community as being discriminated against, despite the Muslim community being the ones holding the protest against the LGBT community.

“But you’re discriminating against the LGBT community?!” bites Philip.

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“We feel that any community, whether it be LGBT, Muslim, that we should all be able to live together and co-exist with one another, even if we have different beliefs”, states Afsar, clearly not understand that that’s exactly that LGBT lessons are there to do; understand and accept people who are different so we can live harmoniously.

Afsar went on to say that children wouldn’t “understand such complex relationships”; which, quite frankly, is utter bullshit. Children are the best ones to learn about different couples because they don’t harbour any existing prejudices. Also; why can they understand a man and woman, and now two men or two women? It’s love – it’s not that complicated Shakeel.

Their other guest, Melissa Thompson argued her pro-LGBT point very eloquently. Honestly though, it must be such a struggle to sit there and bite your tongue in them situations.