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We’re heading down to South America where a super sexy cock-filled threesome has been seared into our memory. We’re not mad about it! Let’s take a look at Argentina’s We Are Thr3e 

Director Marcelo Briem Stamm brings us this story about a trio trying to make their polyamorous relationship work. Nacho and Ana are a couple who get pursued by handsome Sebastian. They all flirt, and later find out that three is more than company, it’s a poly-party!

Sebastian (Juan Manuel Martin) wants more, however, and tries to convince the couple to accept him into their relationship. But that might not be as easy in a MMF three-way. But how could they say no to a stud like that? We’d do whatever his firm butt wanted.

But despite the outcome of this potentially turbulent trio: if we were Ana we’d be making a sandwich right about now; between Nacho and Sebastian.

See the full scene here!