James Charles has released another video addressing ALL the claims and controversy.

If you’ve been allured into the drama of beauty YouTubers, you’ll be interested to hear Charles latest sound offs on the claims. Speaking against the few accusations of sexual predatory behaviour, Charles claims: “I’m a virgin, who can’t drive!”

OK, we’re not sure about the driving part. But he’s never driven stick – apparently.

“First of all, I’m a 19-year-old virgin. I talk about boys quite a lot on my social media networks. Clearly at this point it’s not acceptable anymore… just thought I’d bring it up, put it out into the universe, I don’t really get a lot of action. You have probably guessed that at this point,” he said.

As a very brief rundown, shit hit the fan when his ‘friend’ and fellow beauty vlogger Tami publicly attacked James for working with her competitors, while also claiming that James uses his ‘fame’ and status to sexually manipulate straight boys.

As a 37-year-old woman, you might have thought this was an issue to her before he worked with her competitors, but guess not. While 19-year-old Charles continues to get dragged for the accusations online, his subscribers plummeted nearly 3 million subscribers amidst the tea-spilling; while Tami’s jumped up by 3.5 million.

After James’ initial response, Tati released another video entitled ‘Why I Did It’. Naturally, James is responding again, and this time address the sexual predator claims, reinforced by Jeffree Starr (who claimed James laid it on his man) and Zara Larsson who said he slid into her boyfriend’s DMs.

In this video James explains the evening in Seattle, and what happened with the boy who Tati said he was “manipulating”, with receipts.

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Here’s my opinion on all this: because I know y’all want it.

It was fishy to begin with, that this 37-year-old GROWN WOMAN was coming for this 19-year-old boy, but you can see clear differences between their storytelling. James speaks with consistency and urgency that people have while telling you exactly wtf happened, while Tati is more trained and controlled, a obviously jumps to a number of conclusions before speaking with James to clarify anything.

Personally, I don’t believe Miss James was out here coercing straight boys into sex acts. Although maybe that’s what they wanted you to believe afterwards. He probably came on a little strong and his status probably perpetuated a power trip that fuelled that, but most celebrities do/have that. He’s also still a teenager and making mistakes.

What is wrong, is slandering an LGBT person as a sexual predator for sliding into a few boys DMs, just so you can rack up more views; keep your beef to your beef, rather than destroying the image of queer people because you felt betrayed.

Although, it’s understandable why Tati was pressed, but really James was probably just scared to face the consequences of his impulsive actions. But having said that, if her hair gum or whatever the fuck they arguing over could’ve got him the Artist pass he didn’t need, y’all probably wouldn’t be here.