Oooh child! If you were beginning to feel deprived of drama as the Tati and James Charles tea cooled down, you’re in for a treat.

Bianca Del Rio and Kim Chi are not holding back when it comes to calling out Cosmopolitan magazine for not paying their queens for their make-up tutorials. It all started when Bianca Del Rio tweeted this:

Yep, the clown queen really told Cosmopolitan to fuck off. But not without other queens chiming in; Pandora Boxx clarified in the subtweets that Cosmopolitan don’t pay their queens when they do a make-up tutorial.

Kim Chi then quoted the tweet writing: “we would never print/publish you but come do this online content for free so we can generate views/ad revenues [because] drag is so hot and trendy right now!”


While most of the other queens have remained silent, Aquaria chipped in with an iconic Jasmine Masters quote: “and I oo-”

Cosmopolitan has yet to respond to the public dragging, but fans want answers.