These days there’s an abundance of insta-hunks vying for your eyeballs, and we’d happily carve ours out and hand them to Duilio Aicardi.

Known online as ‘Xtreme Body Transformations’, that’s certainly what he offers his clients. “I want to be a super human,” he tells Cocktails & Cocktalk. “I was never overweight, just an average slim guy. I fell in love with the lifestyle of sport and fitness and the feeling of the results.”

The 32-year-old personal trainer says his fitness journey began at 20, when he bought his first workout bench, “It became my living room entertainment, and any time my friends would come over, we’d try to bench each other; that’s when I realised I had a passion for fitness and teaching people”.

Woooh chile, you can teach us anythaaaang.

Speaking of his impressive physique, Aicardi says he loves all ‘disciplines’ of fitness, and gets in shape through weight training, cross-fit, callisthenics, but his favourite is body weight training.

12 year down the line, and he says he’s “very happy” with his body. So he should be. He also states that working out isn’t just physical, “It’s also very much mental, mindset is everything to me,” he tells us, “I’ve got such a strong mindset while coaching, you do the physical work and I help you believe you can”.

After doing a bit of digging we found him doing the PHYSICAL WORK. And Lord Jesus we need a damp cloth. See more of the flesh here.