Madonna released her first track from her anticipated new album, Madame X, this week. Medellín was met with mixed reviews; while we personally weren’t feeling it, we saw in the comments that a few of you were.

Needless to say, we’re still excited to hear some of the other tracks she’s got coming.

The album – which has two covers, one for its regular edition and one for the deluxe with bonus tracks – has two covers both shot by Steven Klien.

The songs on the Deluxe Edition are:

(1) “Medellín” (duet with Maluma)

(2) “Dark Ballet”

(3) “God Control”

(4) “Future” (feat. Quavo)

(5) “Batuka”

(6) “Killers Who Are Partying”

(7) “Crave” (feat. Swae Lee)

(8) “Crazy”

(9) “Come Alive”

(10) “Extreme Occident”

(11) “Faz Gostoso” (feat. Anitta)

(12) “Bitch I’m Loca” (feat. Maluma)

(13) “I Don’t Search I Find”

(14) “Looking for Mercy”

(15) “I Rise”