You’d have thought that after the many, many, many reinventions of Madonna, the Queen of pop would know how to stage a comeback, but us for one, are feeling underwhelmed.

Earlier this week, Madge announced via an interesting trailer (by Steven Klein, no less) her new era: Madame X. Even just the added letter on the end suggests her persona sound is a bad bitch. But the debut single Medellín, isn’t an edgy, impactful or even memorable new beginning.

It’s a laid back, um, something. I’m not really sure what the message is, or what she’s attempting to achieve, and the song isn’t good enough to coast by on a catchy beat alone.

Listen, the song isn’t bad, but it’s not ranking as anybody’s favourite Madonna song (which, admittedly, is a hard thing to do given her repertoire). This is the missionary position of singles.

Madame X… Shantay you stay, but you need better Material Girl.