The Producers of ‘Shipwrecked’ Give Contestants Condoms and Lube

If you’re wondering what the contestants of Shipwrecked do all day on a deserted island without WiFi and phones: the answer is a good old fashioned bonking!

That’s at least according to contestant Sean Lineker who hooked-up with fellow islander Chris Jammer.

“We never had sex, but we did do stuff off camera… There were places you could go,” Sean, 27, reveals. “I know a few of the other cast members did as well. You could definitely go and do stuff without it being on camera.

“It was never spoken about but [producers] supplied condoms and lube. I don’t know if people had sex but they certainly did things!”

Well, if anything we think it’s a responsible move of them!

In an interview with Attitude, Lineker went on to confirm that the two haven’t remained a ‘couple’, but are rather in an “it’s complicated” situation, which he didn’t hold back spilling the tea on:

“I said on the show that as soon as we returned to London it would go to shit — and it did.

“Chris started going out a lot, which I was unhappy with, and I saw flirty messages on his phone from other guys.

“He’s slightly younger than me and I think I’m more ready to settle down than he is. We still talk every day and he’ll always be in my life because of the experience we had together”.

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